08 July 2009


Mom and I drove down to McNeedles, the yarn store a few miles away from our house. I found this incredibly soft grey silk and wool blend and immediately went home and started knitting with it. It was so soft it kept slipping out of the cake it was wound in, but I got the bunny finished with some yarn to spare.

He loves to read. He is named after St. Augustine, the author of Confessions, his favorite book. He mostly reads books on philosophy but enjoys a good work of science fiction every once in a while *coughender'sgamecough*. He has some eye problems, so he wears a pair of wire-rimmed glasses.


Shelbert the sheep was knit as a (late) birthday present for one of my best friends, Shelby. I named her after a nickname I use for Shelby.

She loves listening to country music, watching Disney movies, and cuddling. Shelby was thrilled to get her!

How I Price My Animals

Like any starving artist, I'm always looking for potential customers for my work. I've had a few people recently ask me how much I charge and how to get in touch with me. So this post is to address that.

My prices are based on the amount of time I takes for me to complete an animal. The Fuzzy Mitten Patterns are the quickest, but still take me 4 hours to finish. The animals like the sheep, llama, and hedgie take even longer and then need to be felted which takes an extra hour or two plus drying time. The materials cost is just the cost of the yarn and polyfill if I'm running low. I pay for the facial features and the neck ribbon. If you want more than one color, you pay for both skeins of yarn. Usually one skein is anywhere from $2- $15 depending on how soft you want your animal. Acrylic is the cheapest and comes in fun colors and textures, but it's not that soft. Wool and silk cost more but feel so soft! Prices are as follows:

Bunny (or any animal based on the Fuzzy Mitten bunny pattern) - $15 + Materials
Ex. Giselle, Vernon, Augustine

Sheep or Llama - $20 + Materials
Ex. Maisy, Alice, Shelbert

Hedgehog - $24 +Materials
Ex. Gerald

New animals are coming soon!

I'll send you pictures of the yarn before I start and I will send you pictures of your animal in progress, so your animal comes out exactly how you want it.

If you have any questions or want to buy a custom softy of your own, please email me at iriscanine@aol.com.

Thanks for reading!

03 July 2009


After a long break due to finals and starting work and such, I'm back with new knitted friends.

Recognize these colors? I wanted to find a use for the rest of the wool that I knit Alice the Sheep with. I think he looks very handsome.

Vernon here is about nine inches tall and a music fanatic. He is always listening to music, or swaying to the music in his own head. He loves blues and country the best, but enjoys listening to anything and everything. His favorite place to sit is near the stereo, and loves having earbuds in. No headphones for this bunny. They are always too big. He is very mellow and is a little detached from the problems of others, but he makes a great companion.

If you are interested in purchasing Vernon ($22 + Shipping) please send me an email at iriscanine@aol.com.