26 March 2009

What Is a Softy?

When I bring my furry little creations to meet new people, I introduce them as Softies. Softy is a term I adopted for my animals. I think of a Softy as any handmade plush animal that goes beyond the normal limits of creative and artsy thinking. So far, mine have been pretty normal, but I hope to learn how to better adapt them to make them more unique and personal.

I got started making Softies over the summer when I bought a pattern for making a bunny. The first one I made I gave to my best friend to keep with him while he was in the hospital undergoing treatment for brain cancer. Jonathan had it with him the entire time and he had it with him when he died. It made him so happy, I wanted to make others happy too.

As of right now, my Softies have been gifts for people I love, or creations for me to keep. I have hopes of making a few to donate to Children's Hospital in New Orleans. 

If you happen to know of any knitting patterns and would like to share, please contact me at iriscanine@gmail.com.

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